About ProduceDash

ProduceDash is a mobile app in both iOS and Android for ordering fresh produce and groceries. Order fresh vegetables, fruits, staples and other household items from the convenience of a easy to navigate mobile app. The quality of produce is fresh as it is sourced on the day of delivery. ProduceDash also carries wide selection of commonly used staples including Rice, Flour, Cooking oils and many more.

Why ProduceDash


The produce is sourced directly from local farmers without any middlemen and hence more income for the farmers
Ordering on the ProduceDash app is easy. Our service is convenient to order the items you need as per your requirements and our service is reliable all the way from ordering to receiving.
We don’t sell just fresh produce. You can also get items in categories like flowers, dry fruits, Water, Ayurvedic medicine, Puja items, etc. Please browse the app for all the categories.
Our delivery is free with a minimum purchase and we will delivery your items as quick as possible
Not satisfied with the item(s) or our service. Do you want to return items? No Problem. We have free no-hassle return policy. Please reach us for any concern and we will address it on a high priority
Save your valuable time, Money by ordering from the convenience of your home and avoid the hassle of making trips to the grocery store.
We have multiple payment options. You can pay Conveniently either with Credit, Debit, net banking, digital payments or Cash or Delivery. The payments on the app are safe and secure. We don’t store any of the information.



What is ProduceDash?

ProduceDash is a mobile app, available on both IOS and Android, to order fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, dry fruits and other groceries including staples, cooking supplies, personal care, baby care etc

Where do you get the produce from?

ProduceDash sources the produce directly from local farmers. It helps farmers eliminate middlemen to sell their produce.


When should I order?

Please order the night before and we will deliver the next day at your convenience

Do I need an account to Order?

Yes. To place an order, you need to have an account

How often can I order?

There is no limit. You can place multiple orders

What if the item I need is not available?

You can contact us for the item you need and we will try our best to source it

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You can cancel your order. Go to “My Orders” from the menu and select the order and click on CANCEL at the bottom

Can I return my order?

Yes. Your satisfaction is utmost important to us. You can return your order if you are not satisfied for any reason.

How do I track my order?

Please call us at +91 7569547263 and we will provide you the information


Is there a charge for Delivery?

No. Delivery is free of charge

How do you price the produce?

We price the produce daily according to the price we get from farmers


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Cash on Delivery as well as prepaid with Credit Card, debit card, Net banking, or digital payments.

Is Payment Secure?

Yes. The payment gateway is secure and the information is transmitted over SSL

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How can I change the passcode?

From the Settings, go to “Edit Profile”. Under “Account Settings”, select Change Passcode. In there, enter your old passcode and new passcode. Click on UPDATE. Your new passcode will take effect rightway

How can I upload a picture?

From the Settings, go to “Edit Profile”. Click on the picture icon on the top and upload a picture.

How can I change my picture?

From the Settings, go to “Edit Profile”. Click on the picture icon on the top and upload a new picture

I moved. How can I update my address?

From the menu, go to “My Addresses”. In there, click on “Add a new Address” and enter your new address details. You can elect to save this address as default and save the address.

How can I modify information in my Account?

Go to settings from the menu and under “Account Settings” select “Edit Profile”. There, you can change your information.

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